Pregnancy Massage
After the first trimester, massage can be of great benefit to pregnant women. It reduces pain from the demands of a rapidly changing body and has even been shown to decrease the length of labor and prevent pre-term labor.

Our facility safely uses side lying and semi-reclining positioning rather than cut-away tables, which put undue stress on the mother's low back and potentially compress the baby.
60 MIN.
90 MIN.
Therapeutic Massage
We utilize an array of advanced techniques to ensure the most effective outcomes, never limiting you to one style or technique based on pricing.

We draw from:
  • Relaxation / Swedish Massage
  • Orthopedic Techniques
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point Work
  • Myofascial Release
  • And more!
60 MIN.
75 MIN.
90 MIN.
Hot Stone Massage
Stones are heated and used during the massage to melt away tension. The heat serves to boost the circulation and open blood vessels, the pressure acts to push through toxins and dissolve muscular adhesions leaving the recipient completely relaxed and at ease.
60 MIN.
75 MIN.
90 MIN.
On-Site Chair Massage
Let us bring massage to your location. Invite your employees or guests to sit comfortably in a specially designed chair for a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage. It's also a perfect draw to health fairs and corporate or private events. Our Therapist brings a professional massage chair to your location to provide 2 hours of chair massage to individuals (5 to 30 minutes for each massage). Price includes a $25 trip charge within 15 mile radius from our location.
120 MIN.
Aromatherapy - AromaTouch Technique
Enjoy the caring and therapeutic touch of this session! An application of 8 essentials oils and blends support relaxation, soothing the body's nervous system and aiding in pain and stress management.
45 MIN.
Relaxation / Swedish Massage
This massage utilizes gentle and relaxing techniques that ease away painful tightness in muscles that store your day-to-day tension. This session is a wonderful tool for stress management.
60 MIN.
90 MIN.